August 29, 2014

the jared leto cock case

this is the image that is supposed to be the cock of jared leto photographed and leaked by terry richardson. what you guys dont know is that a very, very famous brazilian model has a cock like this (thick, big and uncut).  make your bets!

January 24, 2014

dust is a fearless magazine

i love hero magazine, and i think they deserve our respect. but this new issue of dust makes me love this magazine more than ever. it is a statement about the male aesthetic. it is a kinda of post-arena homme+ magazine. kudos for the magazine directors and contributors.

in the image above, the big talent (i bet 22cm hard) of model solanne marechaux photographed by alessio boni, art directed by nicolas santos.

January 23, 2014

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mailbox goodies

you guys wont believe who sent this images to our mail. i want more, if possible. if you want to share something with us, or sent us some goodies, please dont hesitate to contact us :)

January 22, 2014

arena homme+ always delivers

arena homme+ always delivers with good stories from top to new photographers, but the last issue, focused in the anniversary of the magazine, is beyond amazing. check this story photographed by alasdair mclellan showcasing one of the trademarks of arena homme+: the frontal nudes on most of the issues. i would like to see more from it, from vogue hommes international to hero magazine. dust magazine already delivered an amazing hot cover with frontal nude, but it is an subject for another post.

January 21, 2014

the gorgeous lucas mascarini waiting on a fitting

roger balduino

a great revelation from sao paulo new faces, roger balduino comes from erechim - rio grande do sul. a friend of mine, which already work with him on a fashion show and also in the fittings, told me that down there he is a mix of marlon teixeira and alex schultz, but with a detail  that differentiates him from these two guys: very, very, very thick.  

a naughty conversation with a model about life, sex, girls and fantasies

i cannot reveal the name of the model. but he is a well known dude, with a lot of campaigns and booked for a lot of shows in the mens season which ended on sunday. enjoy the conversation.

M: It's funny you're Facebook page says you're in couple ? it's true?
YD: but i am, i have boyfriend
M: Great this is really cool. i have one too, a girlfriend!
YD: it makes you hard on? hehehe
M: It's even better
YD: why is better with a unknown girl? let me know if its the same things that i think of doing it with a unknown boy
M: ok, so. two reasons i think: the unknown side boost the imagination and more exiting, and beeing with someone and doing this with a stranger also turn me hard and also no shy, no limite, no repercution, just sex and fun.
YD: it is true that french girls dont shave?
M: it depends of the girl, i had both, but never not shaved at all. too hairy is difficult.
YD: here in brazil is very common not shaved at all. just a warning.
M: i would have think the opposite, i don't know why
YD: did you already watch brazilian movies? its always not shaved. and a lot of my friends of mine are not shaved
M: yes but they shave a part like lots of girls do ?
YD: yes, the groin. just because the bikini and stuff!
M: it's true
YD: send me a pic of you now?
M: what kind of pic do you like ?
YD: surprise me
M: hm hm
M: don't do strange thing with that
YD: wow. what amazing cock! your girlfriend is a lucky girl
 M: well, thank you, love to hear that. i'm not lucky man, i don't have enough sex. you know it's been a long time with my gf, and sex is not so good as before, i always need more... that why i'm really often horny.
YD: do you like striptease?
M: yes of course
YD: i like to do it. do you have any fetish? like college, leather, police girl or stuff hehehe
M: you make me hard babe. college is really exiting! but i really like , how do you say...fishnet tight ? YD: i know
M: like when the girl keep the things for your legs
YD: like boots?
M: haha. no. hm. garter? i'm trying to find my french words in english
YD: hummm i have it. it makes you hard? a garter in my leg?
M: yes, il like those kind of stuff, tight things too for leg and ass. i'm i clear ?
YD: i will try to find some here in my wardrobe
M: yes. nice babe! have you got a pic for me too ?
YD: at the moment no. are you still hard?
M: kind of yes
YD: uncut?
M: yep
YD: i like it
M: do you prefer cut or uncut by the way ? 
YD: some cut cocks are good, but some are a little scaring
M: i understand, well i'm happy that you liked the cock
YD: my boyfriend have a cut cock, but is well cut
M: does he give you lots of pleasure ?
YD: yes
M: good
YD: we fuck almost everyday. but now he is travelling
M: hmm it explain some things. maybe i will make him cum when he is in the hotel
M: you should. for how long have you been together ?
YD: since august. 2013. but we really started to date on october/november
M: ok
YD: and you?
M: 3 years! fucking long!
YD: wow
M: you can understand why sex is getting boring. i miss the early sex when you have a lot to experiment!
YD: she already complained about your cock?
M: no, never. sex is always good for her!
YD: so you just have to reinvent the situations!
M: she's always getting what she want. it' for me. 
YD: hummm. i would love to see you fucking her!
M: i fucked 2 other girls in 3 years and i fucked them pretty hard and i really took pleasure with her it's like i know every thing , like i know the song.
YD: maybe, its time for her surprise you! let her give pleasure to you!
M: i'm trying to don't worry. 3 years is long!
YD: yeah, you already know her well! it is not a bad thing!
M: yes it's true
YD: you just have to change things for a while to refresh the sex put her in control
M: easy to say, she already got any control she wants... we tried almost everythings! sometimes it's life! YD: so i think you have a perfect girl. you dont need to be bored! just enjoy!
YD: you cum a lot?
M: what do you mean ? if we fuck a lot ?
YD: no, if your cum fill my mouth. your milk!
M: yes probably. but some girls had some difficult when sucking my cock! not openning enough maybe!
YD: i think i can understand! do you already let girls play down there your cock, you know where...? M: not sure i understand. i 'have already let two girls playing with my cock if that is your questions. and it was great.
YD: amazing! but it was not the question. but i enjoyed to know it. i will try to be direct hehehe!
M: Please be
YD: do you already let a girl play in your ass...?
M: not really "play" but i happened that girls touch my ass with there fingers when i fuck them during the action and it was not bad at all.
YD: but in the asshole?
M: yes, finger in the ass babe. with cock in the pussy! or other!
YD: how was your first fuck?
M: it was good for a first! i was 14!
YD: and her?
M: 17! and i'm sure she liked it! because when i started to fuck it was strange because i couldn't finish very well. so i was fucking a lot. but it was really strange! maybe the condoms!
YD: but he was virgin too? maybe could be it!
M: yes. she was! the sensation with condoms are pretty bad and boring! you should have lived in paris, we could have had lot of fun. very dangerous but very nice!
YD: how was your crazyest fuck? or the crazyest thing you already done?
M: hmm. there are crazy things. let me think. one of my wildest night, i was in spain with a friend, staying in my empty family appartment, near barcelona, we all had girlfriend at this moment. and we met 2 girls. we talked a lot with them and spend the night with them in bars and clubs. then we came back to my place and we fucked these two girls all night and day after, the 3 of us and it was fucking great
YD: how about your gfs?
M: they never knew! we came back to paris a few day after! and now i share this very special secret with you! haha!
YD: these girls dont seat well anymore until today i think! M: hahaha! they seems to enjoyed it a lot! trust me!
YD: i am a good secrets keeper. i wanted to be a psychoanalyst!
 but now i need to go to the bank! hope we can have fun soon!
 kisses! x